Inter Parliamentary Union to investigate Human Rights issues filed by the Most Corrupt people of the World

Today an international body arrived and deployed teams to investigate the human right abuses on the MPs that allegedly taken place on 7th and 8th of February- the day world first democratically elected dictator who resigned himself acknowledging the mistakes he had made.

Mainly the MPs who had been allegedly faced police brutality were Eva, Mariya, Easa, Bonda, and Inthiyaz Fahmy. Evan, Mariya, and Easa went to the protests which were taken place in the Republican square, claiming to protect Nasheed. Local media insisted that they went with thugs who were having knives and swords, which led to a confrontation with the police. It’s just like heading to a sea in a perilous weather.

And if I’m not mistaken the uneducated MP Bonda was kicked by police officers. However, MP inthiyaz Fahumy was arrested during a confrontation with the police, where no harm was inflicted on him, but he claims that he was arrested and brutally injured. However he was arrested live on Camera, where he repeatedly refused to leave behind the barricades to make way to police to protect the Fuel Stations.

Mohamed Imthiyaz in known for his ignorance, firstly, was discovered when he claimed that the head of state has the power to abduct sitting judges and MPs of the Parliament if the president believes  that they may be a threat to the national security.

Imthiyaz, who claimed to have attained a Degree on Law, has not yet shown any interest on any parliamentary committee which takes place every day, but rather attends all the political junta meetings of the barbaric MDP thugs.

IPU today is pursuing an investigation against the Most corrupt and ill-mannered people that would be very pathetic to discuss further. They do not contribute any fruitful argument before the parliament, not did they make anything but the political statements of the dictator nasheed.

But today, some people from the democratic governments of IPU countries is here to investigate the human rights abuses against the corrupt, illiterate MPs of Maldives.

Im speech less.

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