Annulling GMR agreement is the only option available for Maldives

We have heard from MDP itself that GMR-airport issue was discussed during the second cabinet meeting of Nasheed Administration in November, 2008. It was however, not informed to the media or publish that Nasheed is going to lease the only international airport to GMR-an Indian Based company.

After several months, When Nasheed used all his play cards to generate revue of the state to meet its expenses monthly, he rushed to sell off the property to a company which is based on the most corrupt jurisdiction of the world.

The … Questions I would like to ask to Mr. Nasheed is;

  1. Was your Attorney General able to see the contract before the government signed the contract?
  2. Why were you so hurries in appointing new board of directors rather trying to convince the GMR deal before they were dismissed by you?
  3. How can MACL (Maldives Airports Company Limited) directors sign a contract which was to be signed within 30 minutes of their appointment?
  4. Why was the President allowed to sign a contract which facilitates in establishing hospitals, schools, social facilities and other trade facilities in the airport?
  5. Why were you signed a contract which allows to establish duty free shops for visitors to Hulhule, which will lead to a huge problem for the local businessmen who are devoted to their medium size business?
  6. Why were you so ignorant in allowing a foreign company to levy tax on us, as the constitution clearly stipulates that no one can levy any tax unless the parliament consents to do so?

As we see GMR is stealing lands from abroad, and making frauds in India, Maldives has a firm attitude towards the agreement. As if the contract is void ab anitio. It was because the members of MACL were unable to consent the contents of the agreement within the few hours of their appointment took place. 

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