Judicial Service Commission and Supreme Court of Maldives has Forgotten the natural principles of justice: shame on the people who appoint them

During the hearing of the Hulhumale’ Court public law case, the defendant Ismail Wisham’s lawyer, former attorney general who also served as the chief judge of Madhanee (civil court) court, has raised two procedural issues before the justices of the supreme Court.

As the trial began, the experienced lawyer made his remarks before the bench politely upon commencing the hearing.  The two arguments before the bench were;

  1. That, Ismail Wisham has not filed any case before the Supreme Court, nor did he has asked for leave-for the permission to file a case before the court.
    1. Ismail Visham  filed a civil case (a case of judicial review) against the Judicial Service Commission claiming that JSC was in contradiction in establishing a magistrate court in HulhuMale’- a award of Male’ next to Hulhule’.                         [Continue…MvLawyer]
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