GMR appears before Singapore Court

Yesterday GMR Group has filed a law suit at the Singapore High Court against the Maldives government and Maldives Airport Company Limited (MACL) on the decision to annul the contract to run the airport and to stop the government from evicting them within seven days.

The local newspapers have informed that during the first hearing GMR had applied for a temporary stay order preventing the Maldives government from taking any action against GMR in violation of the existing contract.

Haveeru Newspaper reports:

“GMR had requested for an immediate interim measure. But our lawyers told the court that there were no grounds to issue a temporary stay order today. The hearing ended after the court refused an interim measure in favor of GMR today,” an official of the Attorney General’s office told Haveeru.

The contract between the three parties stipulates that if any party has a claim fallen within the contract, firstly the dispute shall be brought to the Arbitration (SIAC-Singapore Center for International Arbitration Center).

Eventually the case filed in the jurisdiction of the High Court of Singapore is all about the Arbitration proceedings. Mostly before the parties arbitrate they ask for an interim stay order in order to avoid any damage that might occur if the party complies with a given notice.


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