Is Parliamentarians of Nasheed’s Party joining Indian Congress Party?

Maldivian MPs have met the ambassador of India to Maldives Mullay to brief the “threats” that they have confronted regarding the motion which was successfully passed by 41 to 24 votes to amend the regulation of the Parliament to make all no-confidence motion as a secret vote.

The uneducated MPs where the super majority has not attended formal schools during their childhood have conveyed their sentiments on the “threats” made by the President of Adhalath Party, Imran Abdulla.

Imran said during a rally which was organised against Indian Infrastructure Co GMR, which the coalition will chase all the members who do not vote against the amendments to the regulation. Stressing that all the votes, motions, debates and happenings of parliament should be open for public accountability Imran said those who vote in favour of the motion will be regarded as traitors of the nation and the people will “chase them”.

The uneducated MPs of MDP think “chasing them” is a criminal threat and they have demanded from the state authorities to investigate the matter.

Dubious statement by Nasheed’s friends

Last week MP Ibrahim Mohamed Salih, the closest MP of Nasheed, said that Imran’s speech was threat to the parliamentarians and it breaches the immunity prescribed in the Constitution to MPs of the Parliament.

Though Salih thinks their immunity should cover beyond the norm of accountability of the Parliament, the Constitution states the other way only.

The Constitution states that no member of the Parliament can be questioned, detained, arrested, or subject any claim for any statement he/she made in the parliament or a vote in the parliament unless it contradicts the Islamic Laws.

Salih forgot, or he himself is not competent even to read what the law says. Article 4 of the Constitution states that all the powers of the state shall be commenced from the people and it remains with them.

Article 27 states that “everyone has the right to freedom of thoughts and the freedom to communicate opinion and expression in a manner that is not contrary to any tenet of Islam”.

Most of the MPs of the Parliament have made remarks that Mullay is a traitor, and made lot of remarks on him.

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