Terrorist Nasheed wants a helping hand from INDIA for his campaign on the upcoming Presidential Election of Maldives

Nasheed administration was ended undoubtedly because of his mass campaign for breach of law and order in the country. Showing the best examples in breaching laws, Nasheed had abducted sitting a judge and Parliamentarians for no reason. Nasheed ordered to arrest Abdulla Yamin, a parliamentarian, to comfort Nasheed’s friends. Yamin was not questioned for any alleged crime nor did he was brought before a judge banishing him to an island more than seven days without access to his family and lawyer. When the court asked to produce him before the court, terrorist Nasheed decided to defy it in public.

Breaching every law that he can breach for his felicity Nasheed presumed him above the constitution and defied the laws passed by the parliament, defied court orders which were believed to be issued against him.

He asked several of his members from his gang-most of his party members have crime records-to set government buildings on fire. He asked MPs to deploy gangs on the streets to assault police officers. His closest religious allies, who were the most extreme religious scholars like Mohamed Fareed Ahmed and former Guantanamo Bay prisoner Mr. Fauzee are among the most closest of Nasheed.


Prior to the airport tender, Nasheed have asked in several meetings to lease the Airport to GMR. However, with the legal implications and political pressure Nasheed was unable to do it. When the tender was announced Parliament was proposed with an amendment to the Finance Act of Maldives. The amendment specifies that president should not approve any such giant projects without the approval of the parliament. However with the powers granted by the Constitution Nasheed asked the Parliament to reconsider it. Meanwhile, Nasheed is doing all his best, with a team of IFC to award the airport. When the parliament again passed the amendment Nasheed arrested two MPs of the Parliament and decided not to ratify the bill stating that he can enjoy without ratifying the bills passed by the Parliament.

Dhivehi Qaumee Party (DQP) failed a constitutional case in the Supreme Court of Maldives. During the hearings Nasheed’s lawyers (the state lawyers) were trying to prove that President has the power to reject any bill passed by the Parliament and can delay ratifying it for any time, even for years. Supreme Court, however, with reference to the Constitution decided that President has no power to delay the process of ratification unless a natural disaster happens to delay it.

Following the verdict of the Supreme Court Nasheed and members of his government along with the Parliamentarians protested all over the Capital City. They claimed that Supreme Court has neglected and has breached the Constitution by interpreting the Constitution. Judges from lower courts were subjected to harassments and were defamed publicly on State Televisions. Most of their children were unable to send to school due to the state sponsored threats.

INDIA-Maldives and Nasheed

India and Maldives remains as close friends each other: in health sector, and education the role of India is vivid in reality. But questions remains how far the two governments can tolerate each other in terms of the business contracts made between Indian Companies and Maldives.

Bilateral relationship between the states and honouring the private contracts between two different companies are very different in nature. Maldives have its private matters which should not be intervened by the foreign states.

In last month the ant-GMR coalition has placed several banners which read purely on the issue of GMR airport deal. But, Nasheed, who always twists and have blind eye reads all the banners against INDIA. He has said so during many international press conferences and has asked from his opponents to be refraining from against-india sentiments.

If any statement against GMR reflects to Indian government and its people then the GMR deal was executed not between companies but between the officials of the two governments.

The Chairperson of Nasheed’s party has referred Ambassador Mullay as a traitor. Many supporters of MDP have called Mullay as a close ally of Maumoon.

Nasheed who have no knowledge of international relationship, Maldives is a deteriorating political stand in the international politics. Nasheed has no knowledge of the power balance between the developing countries.

Nasheed claims most of his opponents are radical muslims and supporters of Maumoon. In the last thee parliamentary by-elections he was defeated, showing the rapid decline of support in every part of the island nation.

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