MDP chairperson vowed to smash opposition leader in to pieces

MDP chairperson MP Reeko Moosa said that he would smash the President of Adhalath, MR. Imran Abdulla, in to pieces. Speaking at a pro-GMR rally Reeko has menaced President Waheed and all opposition leaders. Moosa Manik, the former actor, has made several threatening warnings to several opposition leaders on several occasions.

Can this be amount to a threat?

Imran Mohamed was subject to criticism when he made the remarks that he will chase all MPs who vote to amend the Parliament Regulation to make all no confidence motions as a secret.

On the following day President of the Parliamentary Group of MDP Ibrahim Mohamed Salih, another stupid incompetent coward, petitioned to the Speaker to investigate the matter.

Salih said that the threat is against the entire Majlis, and police should investigate the matter thoroughly.

Chase and Shattering into pieces

Salih has not yet condemned the statements of Reeko. However, salih with the maximum of his logical and rational thoughts believes that chasing a member, in its figurative meaning, is a crime. However, he believes shattering a human being in to pieces is not a crime, nor an assault.

Parliamentary committee established to investigate matters on the immunity of the Parliamentarians have summoned DhiTV, a local TV, editorial board to appear before them to question on the matter filed by Reeko alleging that he has been subject to assault and harassment from the said TV channel.

Former actor usually never talks about the subject of the agenda on any given day. He is been colloquially name as Raa Moosa (Raa in Dhivehi Means alcohol, liquor, and wine), when his car was found full of narcotic drugs. 

It is evident that Reeko has no chance to attend formal schools.

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