Former President Nasheed made serious allegations against Chief Justice

Former President Mohamed Nasheed has made serious allegations against the Chief Justice and the Justices of the Supreme Court of Maldives.

Speaking at a political gathering Nasheed said that the Chief Justice has discussed with the President on how to render verdict on Nasheed’s trial.

“Chief Justice is aware that we are in a state of injustice… My serious question to you, Supreme Court and Chief Justice is: What are you doing?” Nasheed questioned in his usual manner.

Referring to an “unknown” meeting Nasheed insisted that it should not be the way to provide justice. “Even though I propose his name [Chief Justice] to the Supreme Court, I have never contacted with him by phone”.

“Today he’s discussing with some Cabinet Minister on how to decide my trial. They studied from Salafiyya-an extremist islamic conventional school, where Mr. Jameel [Home Minister] and Hassan Saeed [Political Advisor the President] studied too.

Political Advisor Hassan Saeed did his postgraduate degree in International Islamic University Malaysia, and achieved the Postgraduate and Doctoral Degree from University of Queensland, Australia.

Home Minister Jameel was graduated from International Islamic University Malaysia, followed by Masters Degree and PhD in Criminal Law from School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London.

Nasheed said that all the deliberations of Parliament are being questioned in the Supreme Court. Referring to the Political Parties Bill and Parliamentary Privilege Bill Nasheed said that Parliament has voted to dissolve some political parties, but claims that there’s a substantial probability that the decision may be on halt by an order of the Supreme Court.

During Nasheed’s regime, the interim Chief Justice of the Interim Supreme Court was summoned to the National Army Headquarters, and was grilled, intimidated and tried make “deals” by the Senior Commanders and senior officials of Nasheed’s party.

Moreover, on several instances Nasheed had sent his army officials to the Chief Justice’s apartment and had tried to handover mobiles to communicate Nasheed, but all calls were denied.

Nasheed is being tried for criminal charge- allegedly abducting a sitting judge when the orders to free a politician who was arrested for making baseless allegations against the government. Upon releasing the politician in absentia, Nasheed’s Home Minister made a request to the Defence Minister to isolate the Judge.
The stubborn Home Minister Hassan Afeef had denied to conduct any investigation against his party members, and even denied to file the applications.
Nasheed is currently facing the charges of abduction.


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