Maldives Pole leads Nasheed with his 18 months of campaign

Children are widely used in his campaign

Mohamed Nasheed, Anni, candidate of Maldivian Democratic Party “MDP, leads the majority votes but did not managed to reach the 51 percent. Nasheed’s rivals, Gasim Ibrahim, Yamin, and Waheed has secured the majority of the votes; provided the majority Maldivians at the first stage are against Nasheed’s pledges, and his agendas.

Nasheed started his presidential campaign long ago in February of 2012. After the controversial power transfer, upon his demand Commonwealth and Maldivian Government established a Commission to investigate his allegations over the transfer of power. Nasheed openly declared his resignation but later alleged that he resigned at gunpoint. When the report of the Commission served, Nasheed denied accepting it. In addition, he kept his demands for an early election.

Nasheed’s support increase

Nasheed and his supporters incessantly rioted across the Maldives. Nasheed’s allegations reached to every household. Mostly every state official faced harassments and extorted by the members of MDP. He mainly opposed trial against him, where he was charged of kidnapping a sitting judge when the Judge failed to issue an order to arrest Dr. Mohamed Jameel Ahmed, the Running Mate of Yamin, of “libelous statements” which is not a crime in Maldives.

Nasheed kept saying that the police and Judiciary is bias, and he has not ordered to kidnap a sitting judge. Later, during some TV interviews Nasheed said the Judge was kidnapped by the Army which he stands as the Commander in Chief.

During the 2008 election, Nasheed got only 44,315 votes but in this election he has got 95,224 votes, which stands a 100% increase in the support. On the other hand, Yamin, who stands an election for the first time, secured barely 25% of the votes with only 3 months of campaign.

Media bias

Media outlets have severely biased reports in the last 18 months. Haveeru daily, the famous online newspaper, has provided more than three news or reports of Nasheed every day. Each campaign speech reported fully. Haveeru published all the allegations of Nasheed without trying to collect any word from any other person.

Foreign News outlets seem biased on Nasheed’s side. The neighboring Indian Channels who aligns to the government, kept reporting about Nasheed and his demands for18 months. The English newspapers based on UK and other countries are bias as their reports and news were based on the members of Nasheed or his fellows.

The international organization, mainly the Amnesty International, kept a caring eye on Nasheed and tried to kept him free of any trial. Most of the reporters of MDP based News website, Minivan News, are writing to the foreign papers on the same taste as they are paid to write in the Minivan News by MDP.

Poor campaign of opposition

Compare to the MDP, Yamin never has reached most of the islands. Nasheed’s false allegations were not informed to the people of Maldives. Where, Nasheed reached all the islands, and his campaign team reached each and every individual of the Maldives.

Yamin, believed to have spent most of his funds for travel expenses, which will not exceed 40 million Maldivian rufiyaa ($3 million). Nasheed, who was allegedly funded by foreign missions and some foreign business tycoons who are interested in stealing a business opportunities, allegedly spent more than 600 million Rufiya ($40 million).

A Divide in vote

Yamin, who stand for the election for the first time faced a divide in vote that stand against Mohamed Nasheed; Gasim Ibrahim and Mohamed Waheed, the incumbent president.

Maldives society is not divided in to different ideologies, nor was it supported for any principle believes. It rather divides who hates who and who gains more of “state funds” and for opportunities.

Votes against Nasheed were carefully divided between PPM and GP. As a result, the two candidates have itsy-bitsy differences.

Hope for the second round

Nasheed requires securing only 6 percent of votes more, where Yamin has to gain equally as he has gained now. The second round, the run-off, will be interesting. Hopefully both the candidates will try for a coalition but, seemingly Nasheed would decide to go for run-off without any coalition. However, as his change his mind often, and he never remember what he says mostly, he may try for a coalition.

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1 Response to Maldives Pole leads Nasheed with his 18 months of campaign

  1. Hussian says:

    Nasheed is the newest dictator in the newest form.

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