MDP urges the President to resign

Maldivian Democratic Party headed by Mohamed Nasheed, ANNI, has called for an immediate resignation of the incumbent president of Maldives Dr. Mohamed Waheed, says in a press release.

The press release states that Dr.Waheed assumed the power illegitimately ousting the Nasheed on 7th February 2012, secures only 5.1% of the votes of the 89% votes turnout is clears that his Government is illegitimate.  It states that Waheed has no mandate over the powers of the state to govern its people.

“The MDP expresses concern over the fact that an individual with such little support from the electorate continues to exercise the powers of a President as guaranteed by the constitution. This includes the appointing of Cabinet members, a Commissioner of Police, members to independent commissions such as the Judicial Service Commission, and the spending of state finances.”  The Press release states.

MDP also calls for the immediate resignation of Dr. Waheed, and to establish a transitional arrangement to ensure that it is elections which represent the will of the Maldivian people and not the arbitrary actions of those who have no legal or electoral mandate.

Dr. Waheed assumed the power when he was called by the Speaker of the Parliament, now a strong activist in MDP, to take oath following the resignation of Nasheed. The Constitution of the Maldives says in the event of any resignation, removal of the president, or incapacitation, the vice president shall take the office of the president, and should be sworn as the President of Maldives.

Dr. Waheed who was the running mate of Nasheed secured the seat of the Vice president in the historic election in 2008. Then Waheed was a member of the Gaumee Iththihad.

Waheed is not required to resign by any constitutional means, nor is he compelled by any logic to resign. He is required by the law to transfer the power of the state, and arrange any matter that relate to the transfer of power when a new President is sworn.

MDP, as always tries to create chaos, and try to please its junta members, calls on very rude language.

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