I’m a Maldivian, protesting against the brutality of the dictator Mohamed Nasheed (ANNI). Who was elected as the president of Maldives in 2oo8. Pretending to be a democratic leader, whose most of the decisions are unlawful and undemocratic.

He hijacked the State Media from 2008, November 11 to 7 February, 2012. He unlawfully detained (kidnapped) his opponent and a siting judge. He had also “appointed” members to the Parliament, when the constitution states he cannot do so.

Blogging against a Dictator.

I’m Yasin Fikry (Yasin). Contact me: here, if you wish to ask any question.



9 Responses to About

  1. sibaad says:

    hi yasin,

    i am very much interested after reading ur blog. i have some ideas as well as valuable informations abt politics to put on ur blog.

    if u r interested pls send me ur contact details.


  2. sibaad says:

    can i get ur contact number

  3. thaavalhu says:

    đŸ˜› koko bambuleyy.. dhombe bambuleyy ah fenthateh dheebala đŸ˜›

  4. zahid says:

    Hi man its interesting. well, r u maldivian or forigner?

    it wud b better if u write those informations


  5. yasinfikry says:

    Im a Maldivian…….

  6. Samad says:

    kale heekuree singapore in adeetheyo badalu kuran dasveema kale ah hurihaa ehcheh ingey kamah dho?

    kalege liyun thakugai evves ohtareh nuhurey. adi basmagaai, gaivaaiduves rangalhah neyngeykan ingey. ehen v ma evaahaka bunelee.

    Adi dunantha. kale thi ulhenee sirrun filaigen. nikan kerenya gulhey numbarakaai, ulhey thaneh buneba.

    Adi bunantha kale mahehge bandugai othas November mas nimumuge kurin hoadaafa, kale moonah kulhu jahaanan.

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