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Denouncing Democracy in Maldives

Hilath Rasheed, so-called famous blogger is under police custody due to his illegitimate actions of breaching the social harmony of our society. He argued for freedom of religion [?]. I have no idea about it. But I think he will … Continue reading

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Fareed is not absolutely FREE

I was astonished of the dissenting statement of Sheikh Fareed on publishing the new Islamic Unity Regulation. It took quite long time to finalize the draft of which we were hinted to cover all part of extremism and the other. … Continue reading

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Who shall be blamed for extremism?

The current regime blames President Maumoon for the level of extremism in Maldives. Maumoon tried to eradicate Islamic Extremism in Maldives. Firstly, he enacted a law that governs the Islamic Unity in Maldives. Under the Act, many scholars were scrutinized … Continue reading

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Jeffrey Overdosed in Liberalism

I’m very much fascinated to see him darted with sharpen words.  There are Maldivians who do not believe in extremism of slaf, and also people who do not believe in liberal ideologies of Jeffrey Salim Waheed. The article published in … Continue reading

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“Sugathadhasa stadium as a Crime Playground of the Taliban,” Hilath Rasheed

Whoever dilates gossip about Zakir Naik shall be a laughing figure. Namely, the atheists, gay activists, modernists and other womyn feminists were burning by the schedule of Zakir Naik to visit Maldives. Some dissents are itching on the proposal. Recently, … Continue reading

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