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MDP chairperson vowed to smash opposition leader in to pieces

MDP chairperson MP Reeko Moosa said that he would smash the President of Adhalath, MR. Imran Abdulla, in to pieces. Speaking at a pro-GMR rally Reeko has menaced President Waheed and all opposition leaders. Moosa Manik, the former actor, has … Continue reading

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Is Parliamentarians of Nasheed’s Party joining Indian Congress Party?

Maldivian MPs have met the ambassador of India to Maldives Mullay to brief the “threats” that they have confronted regarding the motion which was successfully passed by 41 to 24 votes to amend the regulation of the Parliament to make … Continue reading

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Abdulla Shahid and Ahmed Moosa (Dhifm and DhiTv)

A source from Maldives confirms that the Speaker of the Parliament, Abdulla Shahid of DRP, has come to an understanding with Champa, owner of Crown Company, resort (Gasfinolhu, Kuredhoo, Meerufenfushi), owner of a local TV channel, DhiTV, and DhiFm. Abdulla Shahid was … Continue reading

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Police Brutality against Media: “Black Day”

Last night, media officials attended to observe and capture photographs of the demonstrators. However, they were faced the brutality of police; Pepper Spray, Tear Gas, Shields and Batons. They were deprived to enjoy the fundamental rights. Media officials have captured … Continue reading

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