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Amnesty is Blind and Biased


Abbas Faiz of Amnesty is watching these videos. But simply finalizing reports drafted by MDP.

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MDP asks to abolish Human Rights in Maldives: Musthafa’s humbug talk

Now I really think, was Musthafa a Parliamentarian? It’s a shame on other parliamentarians who really work, sharing their abilities for the nation. But Musthafa, who unfortunately  has no good educational background, nor any experience in political arena, had made … Continue reading

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Police Brutality against Media: “Black Day”

Last night, media officials attended to observe and capture photographs of the demonstrators. However, they were faced the brutality of police; Pepper Spray, Tear Gas, Shields and Batons. They were deprived to enjoy the fundamental rights. Media officials have captured … Continue reading

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Police Brutality in Maldives: Harassing women journalists

Here is a photo. I hope, the real NGOs like, Transparency, Democracy House, and other association would condemn this act. I think Mariyaa, Eva and Rugi Need to be aware of these incidents.

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