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MDP urges the President to resign

Maldivian Democratic Party headed by Mohamed Nasheed, ANNI, has called for an immediate resignation of the incumbent president of Maldives Dr. Mohamed Waheed, says in a press release. The press release states that Dr.Waheed assumed the power illegitimately ousting the … Continue reading

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Former President Nasheed made serious allegations against Chief Justice

Former President Mohamed Nasheed has made serious allegations against the Chief Justice and the Justices of the Supreme Court of Maldives. Speaking at a political gathering Nasheed said that the Chief Justice has discussed with the President on how to … Continue reading

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MDP chairperson vowed to smash opposition leader in to pieces

MDP chairperson MP Reeko Moosa said that he would smash the President of Adhalath, MR. Imran Abdulla, in to pieces. Speaking at a pro-GMR rally Reeko has menaced President Waheed and all opposition leaders. Moosa Manik, the former actor, has … Continue reading

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Speech by His Excellency Dr Mohamed Waheed, President of the Republic of Maldives at the High Level Meeting on the Rule of Law

Mr President, Mr Secretary General, Excellencies, Distinguished Delegates It is a pleasure and an honour to stand before you today, representing my nation, in advocacy of a principle, that we hold dear. I congratulate you Mr President, on being elected … Continue reading

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President of the Sun Maldives

As we all have the right to compete in the public elections a new candidate has emerged with his interest to compete in the upcoming presidential election. Suntravel Shiyam, a businessman, an MP for an isolated constituency, has been in … Continue reading

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MDP asks to abolish Human Rights in Maldives: Musthafa’s humbug talk

Now I really think, was Musthafa a Parliamentarian? It’s a shame on other parliamentarians who really work, sharing their abilities for the nation. But Musthafa, who unfortunately  has no good educational background, nor any experience in political arena, had made … Continue reading

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Unknown film

President of Maldives, who have been colloquially referred as Ganja boa, has stated that he was not known for his own documentary, in an interview given to a foreign tv channel. The president extends his view about the documentary where … Continue reading

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